Wind in the Willows Seminar


Think, think…

Consider the use of landscape in the text. How is it symbolic? What role does it play in the story? There are many different settings in the Wind in the Willows, some are tests for the characters, others are homes. How do they contribute to the construction of the characters? 

How is character revealed through the dialogue and actions of the character? Do the characters develop? How and why? What effect does this have on the reader / what models are presented? Discuss the qualities of the characters, how they differ and what the possible meanings are behind them.

Where is the child in the text? Who is the implied reader of the text? Who is this text for?


What makes this Arcadian literature?

What types of conflict are presented in the texts?

What social classes are presented in the text? What kind of assumptions / constructions are embedded in the text? How are the classes constructed? What role do narrative description and dialogue play in this construction?

1985-wind-in-the-willows-police-chase-toad-print_700_600_U3R3What good and bad behaviour is presented? Why? What effect does it have?

Discuss the uses of symbolism in the text

Is there a national element to this book? Does Englishness factor in the text?

What themes can you trace?

Think about change and progress. What attitudes towards the past, present and future can you detect in the text. 

What do you make of the title? tumblr_mayqay8dJy1rnw5qjo1_500

Where can you link your ideas with the historical, cultural, political and social contexts of Wind in the Willows?

How does it fit with literary history and how does it compare to the other stories we have studied in the module already?



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