Set Texts, Reading and Preparation

ENGL2011 Children’s Literature. Set texts. Semester 2, 2013-14.

Reading and Preparation

Students are expected to read all the set texts on this module, and your reading of each text should be completed in advance of the classes designated for that text – the Course Outline specifies the set text for each week’s work.  You should organise your reading timetable for this module accordingly.  A great deal of analysis and discussion can be achieved when everyone has read the text; by contrast, when some students have not completed the required reading, the learning environment is less productive.  Please do not let yourself and your fellow students down by being inadequately prepared for a class.

If you find that you are unable to fulfil the reading requirement for a particular session through unforeseen circumstances, you should contact the tutor as soon as possible, and in advance of the class, so that you can receive support and advice.

The texts are in the order in which they will be studied. Please be sure to read the texts before the teaching sessions.

  • Stretton, H. (1864) Fern’s Hollow. Available on Blackboard and as a Project Gutenberg download here:
  • Ruskin, J. (1851) The King of the Golden River. Available on Blackboard and as a Project Gutenberg download here:
  • Burnett, F.H.  (2011) Peter Hunt (ed) The Secret Garden. Oxford World’s Classics
  • Grahame, K. (2010) Peter Hunt (ed)  The Wind in the Willows . Oxford World’s Classics
  • Pearce, P. (1958) Tom’s Midnight Garden. Oxford University Press.
  • Garner, A. (2002) The Owl Service. HarperCollins Children’s Books
  • O’Brien, R. Z for Zachariah. Penguin Books Ltd Puffin Books
  • Reeve, P. (2011) Here Lies Arthur. Scholastic Marion Lloyd Books
  • Chambers. A. (2013) Dying To Know You Random House Children’s Publishers UK Definitions

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